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Save Time
Forget logging in to multiple tools, manage all of your invoices and payments in one place with one click.
Manage Invoices
Ratio makes it easy for you to keep track of your invoices and bills to make sure you're never behind on payments.
Improve Cashflow
We provide you with a credit limit to help you defer payments for up to 60 days to help with cashflow shortfalls.
Never Pay Twice
We track all payments and facilitate the payment so you'll never pay an invoice twice or lose an invoice again.

Pay bills in one click

Forget the days of juggling between your e-banking, accounting tools and email to simply pay an invoice.
Get up to 90% of your time back.
100% secure. Guaranteed.
Fully integrated to reduce manual work.

An integrated credit line to improve your cashflow

Defer payments up to 60 days with our integrated credit line to improve cashflow.

Alleviate the burden of cashflow issues with integrated credit allowing you to defer vendor / supplier payments for up to 60 days at competitive rates.

Stop factoring entire invoices, simply finance the payments that you want to defer.

Why Ratio?

How Ratio works:
Auto-scan email for invoices
Review invoice and approve
Data entry automated in accounting software
Your Current Process
existing solutions:
Looking for invoices in your email
Download and input data manually
Process payment in your banking app
Reconcile payment in accounting software
Repeat 100x

Works with all your favourite tools & bank accounts

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